Finding a dog trainer

Finding the right trainer is an important part of any training process. A good dog trainer should be caring, attentive, knowledgeable and assertive. The truth is anyone can call himself a trainer because there isn't enough supervision on the field. So how can you find a truly qualified positive trainer?

When choosing a trainer, take your time and find someone you feel comfortable with.

Finding a dog trainerSome of the qualities a dog trainer should carry:

  • Have good people skills
    so that you'll be included in the training and get answers when you need them
  • Use positive methods
    Modifying unwanted negative behaviors is something that only truly great positive trainers are capable of and this is a great sign for a good trainer.
  • Be a great listener
    It is very important for the trainer to have the patience for what you have to say. It will help with the training and will make it much more enjoyable.

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